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Oh, _That_ Army
Scenario 3

20 Eleint, DR 1486

The party and their new entourage spend a more-or-less restful night in the Keep. Natalia sends a message to her mother via flying snake, rotating watches are assigned and the drawbridge raised. Korotir contemplates the ethics of bribery while fashioning his new Worg-fur cloak and staring into the campfire….


A glimpse of Korotir's past. He, a gate guard, is on trial for accepting a bribe to let assassins and their magical weaponry into the city of Goldenfields. There was an unsuccessful attack on the city's prestigious wizard resident (Kolstaag), who now demands someone be blamed for it all. 

Amid blatant orcish racism and obvious incompetence on behalf of citizens and fellow guards of the primarily human city, the magistrate in charge reluctantly rules against Korotir. He is expelled from post and city alike. 

…back to the present…

Early the next morning, the guards on watch sound the alarm. The remnants of an orc warband is attacking the town. Atarah asks Korotir if he can talk to them; "They are led by Gruumsh. The only language they will listen to is blood."

The Snakes take positions at the watchtowers, firing arrows on any orcs in range. Envar and Natalia start at the watchtower by the drawbridge, where the elven fighter Envar (played by Andy) is hit by a javelin but healed by Natalia. Korotir and Titan go to the center of town to ambush any orcs who have scaled the walls and enter the town. The orcs flood around to the broken bridge leading to the Keep, the only gap in the palisade. 

Atarah and some of the guards are at the gap to meet them. Atarah's great sword cleaves through the orcs climbing up in bursts of fire, but she is quickly overwhelmed. The other guards get struck down or pulled into the moat. 

Natalia, Envar, Korotir and Titan arrive to reinforce the gap. Titan begins throwing improvised Molotov cocktails, lighting more orcs on fire. Natalia heals the downed guards, Envar fires arrows into the mass. Atarah and Korotir between them down the last few orcs and clear the bridge for a few moments. 

The Orc warlord mounts the bridge with more of his people. He takes out Atarah with one blow to the chest with his great axe; a second cuts completely through her armor. The blows fling her backwards into Natalia's reach. Korotir and the warlord square off, helped by the constant hail of arrows from the Snakes. After a hard series of exchanged blows, Korotir ends the fight with a spear through the warlord's throat and a boot to the chest. As their leader falls, the other orcs break and run.

In the aftermath, they find that Lydia, the head guard from the Keep, has been slain. Envar helps them clean and repair their gear at the forge. The party decides after a short rest they must go to the nearby caves to find and rescue the remaining villagers of Nightstone, leaving the Snakes and remaining guards behind to fortify the town. 

The Weeping Caves are only two hours from the town. Titan discovers several entrances, but following the tracks of the villagers, they go in through the main, largest, opening. A nude ogre greets them with hostility for interrupting his mudbath… 


You And What Army?
Scenario 2

19 Eleint, DR 1486

After their vicious battle with the two Worgs, the group of adventurers quickly mopped up the remaining Goblins.  Korotir (Rob) considers how good he would look in a Worg cloak.  Titan (Austin), still set on looting, broke into a house warded with Infernal runes and hides a cursed golden figure he doesn’t recognize.  A group of bandits called the Seven Snakes rides into Nightstone.  They are led by Xolkin, whose second in command is Dexter (played by Antonia), a dwarven Wizard who is dissatisfied with Xolkin’s incompetence.  They were sent to secure Nightstone for the Black Network.  Dexter splits off with the adventurers while Xolkin makes doe eyes at Kella.  The group fixes the bridge and gains access to the Keep where they find a dying Lady Velrosa buried in the rubble.  Velrosa begs Natalia (Victoria) to protect her legacy and bequeaths her a valuable ring.  

Dexter tells them that Xolkin will kill Natalia and the four remaining guards in order to wrest control of the village, so they hatch a plan.  Titan admits to being paid off by Kella and implicates Korotir “so she’ll trust us”.  Natalia absorbs this information and tries to decide whether this is a double triple cross.  Dexter, Titan, and Korotir are sent to capture Kella and hold her for ransom.  Dexter uses Kella’s irritation with Xolkin to lure her away and hit her with a Sleep spell.  They run across the bridge as the Seven Snakes come charging in after them.  Behind the fortifications, Korotir taunts Xolkin and he’s called in to negotiate alone.  But with Dexter’s betrayal and the guards in control of the Keep, he has little negotiating power.  Xolkin pays for Kella’s safe return and offers the Seven Snakes a chance to choose their leader.  Thoroughly humiliated, all the Snakes leave Xolkin and he rides off alone with a sleeping Kella draped over the horse, muttering darkly.  With Nightstone successfully defended, the party stands five strong with Dexter plus five of the Snakes and four castle guards, at least as long as the alliance holds.

Welcome to Nightstone
Introductions & Scenario One

19 Eleint, DR 1486

The Lady Natalia of Waterdeep has set out with her ally Atarah on a coming of age journey to prove her worth as a noble. Her mother Crystal (based on possibly dubious advice) has hired protectors to ensure her safe return. Brock is the Hunter and wilderness guide. Titan, the Halfling rogue and Korotir the Half-Orc fighter  are her bodyguards. Together, they journeyed to assist Lady Velrosa Nandar and the people of Nightstone.

Upon arriving, they found Nightstone pummeled with giant rocks, deserted by the villagers, and infested with Goblin raiders. They fought through through the goblins and their two warg pets, rescuing Kella Darkhope, a spy for the Black Network, in the process. Kella told them the village was attacked by giants dropping stone from the sky and that the eponymous Nightstone obelisk has been taken. She then privately offered Titan and Korotir bribes in exchange for their service securing the village for the Black Network.


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