Tranled Agganor

A Businessman


Tranled is a Tiefling Warlock, of common birth but feels his long lost noble ancestry from the houses of Bael Turath. This gives him an air of being an ignoble noble. Where he tries to pretend that is or knows better than others. He tries to keep his emotions in check and not to cloud his logical thinking. However, it has been observed that when it come to matters of his family he becomes unhinged.


“No good comes from two Tieflings being together”
Peasant proverb.

Tranled grew up in a small farming village west of Goldenfields on the trade road to Waterdeep. He was too slight to be of any substantial help with the growing and harvesting of the tobacco leaf that his village specialised in. Nevertheless, his intelligence in the organisation, sorting and grading the tobacco led him to be a favourite of the foreman.

By his 15th summer, he was the right hand of the foreman and accompanied him to the trade market and partake in some small way in the process of trade. The tinkle of coins and the cut and trust of deal making intrigued Tranled. His fascination with the competition of trade and his ability to gauge the limit of a customer allowed him to travel with trading expeditions further and more distant to grander and larger towns than the small village of his birth.

In his 18th summer, he went with a Goldenfields trade delegation to Waterdeep. The great city overwhelmed Tranled and he got separated from the delegation and found himself in a part of town that the smart people of Waterdeep avoid. He was being roughed up by a pair of thugs when a blast of energy, that both excited and frightened him blew the first attacker off his feet. The second brute looked in the direction of the blast’s origin. With eyes wide, he collected his accomplice and fled out of sight.

Tranled had met other Tieflings before but never a Warlock of the Fiend. Tranled agitated and unnerved by the experience, followed and pestered the Warlock to teach him this power. Corynax Derafan refused the suggestion and eventually angered towards Tranled. Corynax cast Fear onto him and seeing Tranled’s fear and the burning of his parents, Corynax felt pity for Tranled. Corynax decided to take him on as an apprentice.

Tranled sent word to Destiny that he was safe and he was pursuing his destiny (he thought he was quite clever in writing that). Corynax taught Tranled that being a Warlock did not pay the bills and Tranled would need a profession. He took to what he knew best, trading and business. He intently studied the Rules of Acquisition and went to many networking seminars. Through his connections, he was approached by the Zhentarim Small Business Support Initiative (ZSBSI) which opened up to opportunities for him that required his skills in deal making and sometimes the arcane.

He built up his reputation in the Zhentarim by taking on tough trading posts in the wilds of the Sword Coast. One particularly difficult posting involved him trading for months with Goblins where he would spend many weeks with no outside contact. After effectively strengthening the Goblins to combat the local lord and making a great deal of profit he was ushered into the regimes of Zhentarim diplomacy and gained the rank of Sub-representative in the Diplomatic Corps.

Tranled Agganor

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