Envar Amakiir

Wood Elf Fighter


A slender young elf of average height with green eyes and long dark brown hair. He wears studded leather armour and is never without his trusty longbow.


Envar grew up in a small village in the High Forest.

He started hunting at an early age and joined the village militia as soon as he was able.

Over the years he developed a rivalry with Rimedal, the son of the village druid and another member of the militia. Rimedal was jealous of Envar’s hunting prowess and skill with a bow.

Things came to a head when both young men were part of a small patrol that ran across a large party of gnolls. Rather than remaining hidden and retreating, Rimedal opened fire, sparking a violent skirmish. Only Rimedal and Envar managed to escape.

Back at the village, they were hauled before the village elders to give an account of events. Rather than admitting his mistake, Rimedal blamed Envar, claiming he had fired the first shot.

This was too much for Envar, who was overcome with grief and anger. He flew into a rage and attacked Rimedal, attempting to stab him with a skinning knife.

Envar’s attempt on Rimedal’s life was taken as a sign of guilt and he was exiled. He left the forest and wandered the north, living off the land and picking up work when the inclination took him. A few months later he arrived in Nightstone shortly before giants attacked the settlement.

Envar Amakiir

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