Atarah Auraest

Aasimar Paladin, Knight of the Old Code


A well-built young blonde woman with a gran espée de guerre – a two-handed greatsword – that looks too big for her, clad in dwarven-wrought plate maille.

Much to the chagrin of her demigod patron and father, Atarah tends to swing her sword first and ask questions later, if at all. She’s convinced of her own immortality, and will take insults to her fighting prowess far too personally. Especially for a Paladin. She’s not a very good paladin…. yet. She tries to follow her father’s Code of Honor – Truth, Honesty, Justice, Mercy – but finds herself giving in to that old Viking battle fury.

Atarah is driven first by passion and distant secondly by reason, though a recent guilt-trip by aforementioned Demigod-Dad has her at least attempting to check herself.


Campaign Fic:

  • Backstory: Legacies
  • Backstory pt2: Questing
    • pt 2 takes place just before campaign start

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Atarah Auraest

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