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Welcome to Nightstone

Introductions & Scenario One

19 Eleint, DR 1486

The Lady Natalia of Waterdeep has set out with her ally Atarah on a coming of age journey to prove her worth as a noble. Her mother Crystal (based on possibly dubious advice) has hired protectors to ensure her safe return. Brock is the Hunter and wilderness guide. Titan, the Halfling rogue and Korotir the Half-Orc fighter  are her bodyguards. Together, they journeyed to assist Lady Velrosa Nandar and the people of Nightstone.

Upon arriving, they found Nightstone pummeled with giant rocks, deserted by the villagers, and infested with Goblin raiders. They fought through through the goblins and their two warg pets, rescuing Kella Darkhope, a spy for the Black Network, in the process. Kella told them the village was attacked by giants dropping stone from the sky and that the eponymous Nightstone obelisk has been taken. She then privately offered Titan and Korotir bribes in exchange for their service securing the village for the Black Network.


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