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The Bells Toll for Thee

Scenario Eight

25 Eleint 1486
before sunrise

The party readies for a fight.

The ogres, equipped with siege weapons mounted on their backs, begin hurling spike-armored goblins at the Inn. This kills the goblins, but does begin to batter holes in the walls of the Inn. The goblins still on the ground fire arrows into the holes created, hitting Natalia as she attempts to call divine fire onto the ogre’s trebuchet backpack. Korotir is hit by a javelin from the darkness. Their allies, the Innkeeper Miros and the bard Orin, get off shots at the ogres.

The other ogre, not so encumbered, begins ripping apart the nearby houses, pulling out women and children and stuffing them into sacks, yelling about “meat!” and “food!” while the children cry. Atarah drops the crossbow she had been loading and runs out to challenge the ogres, because This Is Not Cool. Korotir follows her out. The ogres ignore her. Natalia steps out and notices three bugbears in the shadows, calling divine flame on one of them and yelling for Atarah and Korotir. One of the bugbears throws a javelin and hits Orin, impaling him. Another pops up in front of Natalia and starts dragging her away, screaming.

One of the ogres advances while Atarah and Korotir turn to rescue Natalia, getting a hit on Korotir as they run. The two reach Natalia just as another bugbear joins the first, but Atarah gets in a stab with the rapier and Korotir mashes its head with his new flail. It’s a good weapon; he is pleased.

Natalia surrounds herself, and them, with floating angelic figures who menace any enemies in range, and heals herself, Korotir, and poor Orin.

The Temple’s bell begins ringing. A few moments later, so do the ones on watchtowers on the walls. The surviving bugbears retreat, calling for the Ogres and goblins to do so as well. Miros drags Orin to cover and manages to get a shot at the trebuchet ogre, causing it to drop its sack of “meat”. The second ogre, with the sack, grumbles about retreating and swats at Korotir, coming into range of Natalia’s guardians. Korotir nearly goes down, but thanks to his Orcish constitution and Natalia and Atarah’s divine healing, stands firm.

Dismayed by Natalia’s guardians, the Ogre turns to run after his fellows with Atarah and Korotir right behind. Natalia gets the final blow with a perfect crossbow shot, felling the ogre who crushes several fleeing goblins as he falls. Atarah and Korotir rush after the fleeing ones.

They find the fleeing horde blockaded in an alley by… a large, angry tree? Atarah, frustrated, compels the remaining Ogre to a duel. It stomps over (getting hit by the tree on the way), ignores her, and hits Korotir instead. “Hey! You’re supposed to fight ME, stupid!” The three of them get good hits, and Natalia sends it up in flames for the second killing blow of the night.

The tree goes whomping willow in the background, killing goblins left and right and taking hits from the bugbears until the valiant… tree… also falls. Natalia heals it while Korotir and Atarah scramble amongst the branches to attack the final bugbears. One dies, the other flees into the dark and vanishes.

Meanwhile, across town:
Titan and Tranled are sneaking through town when the run across the guards in a messy fight against another pair of ogres and force of goblins, raiding the town’s livestock. They can’t get past, and reluctantly decide to help the guards.

“We’re going to have to kill them all,” Titan grumbled.
“You mean, I’m going to have to kill them all,” said Tranled.

But first, Titan makes sure to hide his bag of loot in a nearby wheat field. He sneaks over to a chicken coop and hides behind it, making eye contact with a bugbear who is doing the exact same thing. They both attack, but Titan’s attack is the one that hits.

Captain Strog is bellowing orders out in the middle of the mess, focusing down one Ogre at a time with sword and arrow. Strog’s crossbow breaks and he valiantly charges forward. There are guards and goblins falling everywhere.

Tranled, spotting the bugbear menacing Titan, kills it with an eldritch blast. A fireball heralds the arrival of the town’s resident Wizard Liaison, Naxine, who kills the first ogre and several goblins. Titan is freed to sneak over to the remaining ogre, hiding beneath an overturned water trough.

Tranled moves the loot and moves to duck behind the chicken coops, where he is surprised by a javelin shot and a sudden Bugbear attack. He’s badly injured, but manages a Hellish Rebuke and a spray of poison fog, allowing him to escape. He reappears next to Naxine and Captain Strog, who gives him a look.

“Ah – We can talk about this later?”
“You… you are on my shit list. But for now – We need to kill the Ogre.”

Titan pops up from under the trough and tosses axes, which reveal him to the nearby goblins. They attack.

Naxene, very calmly, moves slightly to get a clear line of sight and Lightning Bolts the ogre and also, helpfully, the goblins attacking Titan. He runs from their charred corpses towards Naxine, Strog, and Tranled, chugging a healing potion and taking a pot shot with a flung axe as he goes. The ogre falls.

Strog kills another goblin and starts to give a heroic speech, but a bugbear’s javelin spins his helmet around and mostly just makes him look like an idiot. He’s displeased. The bugbear tries a couple more times, fails to hit anyone, and retreats.

Tranled (still moving at a blur thanks to magic) moves, attempts to cast and fails to hit, and moves again, disappearing into the night. Naxine changes targets and hurls another lightning bolt, obliterating the last Ogre and most of the goblins, while the guards mop up the rest.

Strog, verily pissed and having lost sight of Tranled, tells the last of the guards to grab Titan. Titan flees into the dark city, with the guards on his trail.


I did leave out the NPC-only parts, despite players playing said NPCs, but I have the notes for it. Figured would focus on the main party.

The Bells Toll for Thee
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