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25 Eleint 1486
Lady Natalia Cuvelier to Lady Crystal Cuvelier, with warmest regards;

Your recent letter requiring me to stay in Nightstone was received and I have acted accordingly. I understand well your position, although I must protest that the Lady in question was beyond even my ability to heal well before I approached her. Nevertheless, I have taken control of Nightstone and begun securing it. As you are no doubt aware, this will be an expensive business. Guards will need to be paid and there is much to be repaired. Giants cause a great deal of structural damage. If you could see your way to sending funds or builders to aid the effort I am sure Nightstone would continue to be in debt to house Cuvelier.

The travelling party you sent me with has grown, and when asked by some locals in Nightstone to carry word to Goldenfields of all that happened (as some recently deceased villagers had family there) I agreed. I hope to continue good communications between Nightstone and Goldenfields. Of note is a small altercation with the Lords’ Alliance. I have handled it, but should they approach you I did feel it worth mentioning. It seems they were investigating an issue I was looking into at the same time (the giant attacks, I assume you have heard? It is more widespread than Nightstone alone!) and our paths crossed. We spoke along the way to a cloud giant uninvolved in the current troubles hoping for information and the Lords’ Alliance chose to send agents at that moment, rather disruptively. I believe the misunderstanding to be under control, but do of course feel free to send them back toward me if they question you.

On the matter of Goldenfields: there was an attack while I was here, which I am looking into. Of course, the guards you have sent with me have kept me safe. However, the danger they are putting themselves in now is much greater than their original job might suggest. Although you hired them to escort me to Nightstone, I believe the original agreement was they would be paid part of this on return? Having quite recently had them drag me from the grip of bugbear and keep me from being crushed by ogres I feel they are working above and beyond what is asked of them, and ask that they be paid as such.

I hope all is well in Waterdeep. You would tell me if it was not, wouldn’t you? I am sad to miss the harvest festival, but with your approval I hope to be home before the year end.


this is very cool :D

Letters home
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