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For the attention of the ZSSSSC

A letter from Tranled to the Zhentarim

For the attention of the Zhentarim Security Subcommittee for the South Sword Coast (ZSSSSC

Dear Executive Comrades, 

Hear in lies my report on the failed Zhentarim Nightstone Defence Initiative(ZNDI). 

As it should the Zhentarim Truthful Information Dissemination Network (ZTIDN) gathered the incoming and sometimes conflicting reports of the Nightstone Elint Osser Incident (Zhentarim Incident Nomenclature) and provided the summative reports to this subcommittee (ZSSSC) for debate. A mention in dispatches for Kella Darkhope for insuring the reports were able to exit Nightstone.  

 The ZSSSC decided to activate the RIDF plan (Rapid Incident Deployment Force) and quickly gathered, what was considered a sufficient enough force and ,at the time, reliable leaders, to the AO (Area of Operation).  

On arrival in the AO the RIDF (now will be called by their operational name The Seven Snakes or TSS) encountered a group led (if that word could be used in such a strange leadership style) by Natalia Cuvelier of the Waterdeep Cuvelier’s (bio and description attached as appendix a). 
TSS led by Xolkin (Zhentarim Employee number [ZEN] 49874313)  and seconded by Dexter (ZEN 45216366) had not undergone the Zhentarim Leadership Re-education Seminar (Seminar registration list attached as appendix b). Time and time again failed defence Initiatives have been linked to inadequate leadership relations. the leadership of TSS acting as the RIDF for the ZNDI did not act in best practices when securing the AO and in their relations with the 3rd Party Neutral Combatants ( the group ‘led’ by Natalia Cuvelier, they have no operational name and just seem to just follow her around, most ineffective and runs contrary to all known Zhentarim approved leadership styles) 

Instead of employing them to the cause of the ZNDI Xolkin planned to kill off the Cuvelier Group ( now known as CG, in want for a better name) which is not an unapproved best practice when dealing with  3rd Party Neutral Combatants but only if there is substantial profit involved and never as a first response. Xolkin’s second in command Dexter was also grossly negligent in his/her ( zir? The Zhentarim neutral pronouns leaflet needs updating) actions with the CG as zie sought to join them without benefit to the ZNDI!  

Furthermore Dexter sought to actively betray Xolkin and gain leadership of TSS. Now I know the Subcommittee is laughing with the knowledge that this is normal self promotion protocol and I would agree. Be that as it may after self promotion Dexter gave up the governing authority of the TSS acting as the ZNDI under the agency of ZSSSC to the CG.  A 3rd Party Neutral Combatants group being in authority of a Zhentarim sanctioned RIDF is unheard of and the ZTIDN should clamp down on the this PR disaster post-haste.  

My recommendations is that Xolkin and Dexter be recalled and given server re-education and a leader of suitable gravitas (and holding a certificate from the latest Zhentarim Leadership Re-education Seminar) be sent to Nightstone to address this problem. 

I will continue to travel with the CG as I feel they might be very useful in the present Giant Related Strategic Question (GRSQ). 
Faithfully yours 
Tranled Agganor  
ZEN 201506183 
Sub-representative of Zhentarim Diplomatic Relations: South Sword Coast. 
(note scribbled at the end of the letter) As much as this upstart Tranled Agganor infuriates me with his needless acronyms and questionable ideas (does he think we are trying to bring about a socialist utopia?). He does make some solid points. The Seven Snakes were a bit ropey but we did think it would be a easy job. Next time lets send at least one full Zhentarim member to look over things. This Kella Darkhope might be the one to be in charge of any next jobs. Also lets do keep an eye on this Natalia Cuvelier plus party as I remember that mother is still unmarried and possess vast wealth. A ally like that is just what we need right now.  

Pass this onto the Zhentarim Central Committee for review at their next meeting. 



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