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Duel of the Fates

Scenario 9

25 Eleint 1486

Titan ducks and weaves through the streets of Goldenfields, but the Captain and his men know this town, and catch up with Titan in an alleyway. They think they have him cornered. “You broke into my jail, halfling, you’re going down too!”

“No lunk like you can capture the great Titan!” Titan parkoured onto the rooftops, yelling, “Eat my dust, Strog! …Ihatethistown!” Strog and the guards follow from below, and now they have dogs. Titan decides the best thing to do is sprinkle himself with Pixie Dust. Aaand… he flies away. But not before gifting the guards with some dust of their own; ground spicy peppers. Titan is the spice fairy.

Titan scouts the city, spotting more Large Humanoid Shapes in the south of town. He also finds the party by virtue of the fact that Natalia’s spiritual guardians are still there and very glowy. “Hello friends, it is I! I have gained in power and can now fly!”

There are looks exchanged. Korotir wonders how hard he got hit. Titan does eventually tell them about the other Large Humanoid figures south, and leads the party to them (still flying, very smug).

It’s two Hill Giants, who have somehow gotten inside the walls and are fighting a small guard force, ripping out chunks of the wall and flinging them. One guard runs past the party (“Run for your lives!”) but Korotir grabs him by the scruff and shakes some courage into him. Envar maintains range and starts firing arrows, Titan flits behind the giants and starts flinging axes, and Korotir and Atarah advance together to attack the right-hand giant. Natalia stays back near Envar. Atarah gets annoyed at the fact the rapier she borrowed is too light and can’t hit for anything; switches to the heavier scimitar and starts actually connecting. Natalia calls down sacred flame. The RH Giant, very injured, turns to run but is cut down by Envar’s arrows.

The LH giant swats at Atarah, but Titan gets a rope wrapped around his knees Hoth ATAT style; the LH Giant falls. Titan gloats but is over shadowed by Captain Strog and his men, who have arrived just in time to take credit, alerted by the double-toned watchtower bells. The party (and Strog) take advantage of the downed state of the Giant to finish him off. The giant rolls over, nearly squashing Natalia and Strog, but as Natalia’s guardians close in, the Giant begins sobbing and surrenders.

Everyone backs off. Korotir declares the giant his prisoner after checking on Natalia and ties his hands. Atarah heals Natalia, and Titan badgers Strog into admitting that it was actually Titan who tripped the Giant. Korotir wrenches Strog’s long sword out of the giant and hands it to Atarah (“Don’t give that back to him.” “No way, man.”) who trades for the scimitar.

There’s things being flung at the walls from outside; Envar goes to check it out while the rest of the group interrogate their new prisoner. The giant’s name is Ogh, and he was sent by Queen Guh to get her all the food, so she will be bigger than all the other giants.

Envar returns with reports of an army outside the walls, just outside of bow range: Many other giants, ogres with trebuchets, bugbears, and so many goblins. The party tells Ogh to go tell the others to piss off; Atarah holds his ‘leash’ while Titan translates. Titan gets hit by a spike-armored goblin thrown by an ogre goblin-hucker – some of those ogres have perfect aim. But eventually, between Natalia, Titan, and Ogh, they convince the army to leave.

Strog starts arguing with Korotir over… everything… to the point of Challenge. “Come on. Let’s settle this now, you and me.” “Bring it.” (Paraphrased).

Dawn breaks.

The duel is set for the top of the city wall. No interference from anyone, no potions, no magic, just weapons (Strog has the scimitar; Atarah still has his longsword. Korotir has his flail and shield). Envar climbs to a good spot to shoot if necessary. Both Korotir and Strog are still very beat up from all the fighting that night.

They act simultaneously – both charging at each other. Strog gets in a good hit but so does Korotir, and Korotir forces the Captain down. The Captain struggles up and Korotir lets him. Strog gets in a last blow, the scimitar slashing and getting stuck in Korotir’s side. Korotir drops his flail and shield and grabs Strog by the collar, hoisting him up over the edge of the wall, facing the forest. He rips the Captain’s insignia from his uniform and throws him into the mist beyond. “I’m the Captain, now.”

There is silence as Korotir descends the wall. “I’m your Captain now!”

“Ah, he was an asshole anyways,” says one of the guards. Xellin, the lieutenant. Korotir remembers him as being “a good guy” from his time in Goldenfields. “He was supposed to start preparing the city against further Giant attacks and never did, and look what happened.”

Huzzah for Captain Korotir! Envar hands him a potion, which he just holds as he gives out new orders. Ogh gives Korotir his loot bag after Korotir arranges food for him. They were supposed to be gifts for Queen Guh (who is mean, lives in the forest, and Ogh can’t find where; that’s what the bugbears were for). Atarah gives him Strog’s Thunderblade (“Pretty sure this should be yours now, too.”)

Titan finally has a giant friend to protect him, and vice versa. Envar pesters Korotir into drinking the healing potion. The other giant (“Aw, Lob. Lob was Ogh’s friend.”) had a loot bag, which is investigated. It contains a petrified dwarf from Mithril Hall, Voldrick Firehammer. He’s well-known.

Titan flies off to go retrieve his loot from the wheatfield, but the Pixie Dust wears off and he goes plummeting to the ground. Envar stabilizes him and everyone regroups at the Nightfurrows Inn for healing and rest.

26 Eleint 1486


Natalia sends her Raven messenger to the Lords’ Alliance in Waterdeep, requesting the aid of a magic-user who can reverse the petrification on Voldrick.

The party goes and gets their loot appraised and sold for coin, which is divided. Titan goes back later by himself, tells a really bad lie about how he got this gold thing from his dead fallen aunt, baffles the appraiser, who tells him it is a holy symbol of Asmodeus. “So… you’re saying… A paladin would be obligated to be mean to a person with this symbol?” “Well, yes, but — really you ought to get that melted down! It’s going to complicate your life!”

Natalia receives a message from her mother, forwarded from Nightstone. The tone is decidedly different from the last message she received from her mother. Lady Cuvellier tells Natalia she’s sorry about Velrosa but to remember it wasn’t Natalia’s fault. Natalia is suspicious.

The party decides to stay until HighHarvestTide, five days away. Over the course of the week, various villagers approach them about things they could do or places they could go.

Miros gives them a map of the area and tells them about a friend of his up in Womford, who runs the Staghorned Flagon , says he’s a former adventurer and may have leftover gear the party would find interesting.

Naxine declares that these Giant attacks are only the beginning. She’s been doing research and based on that, thinks that dragons should be recruited to help put the Giants back in order. Giants and Dragons are ancient enemies. She gives Natalia a stone for message-sending, says she has a friend in Waterdeep (Chasleth, a mage, Natalia & Atarah are familiar with his Tower if not him) who is an expert on dragons.

Over that conversation, Envar and Titan bicker about height, and Titan is very offended when called short.

Lifferlas says the elven druid who awakened him several hundred years ago, Airglas, has fought Giants before and might know something to help. She was headed to the Shadowtop Cathedral, but that was decades ago. Regardless, there’s an Ent there named Tirlang who would know where Airglas is.

Orin approaches Titan separately and promises to write a rousing heroic ballad of Titan if the rogue will visit his sister’s family in Daggerford and help them with the loanshark problems they’ve been having. A fellow called Snail (Korotir is interested).

Atarah retrieves her repaired sword from the blacksmith. There was rejoicing.

Natalia receives another letter from her mother, this one in the same nasty sort of tone as the first, which tells her to stay out of Waterdeep, because everywhere she goes the town’s leaders die. (True, but very unfair.) She does not share with the party.

It is decided to go to Waterdeep to find someone to de-petrify Voldrick, check in with Chasleth, and go get their promised pay from Natalia’s mother (and also, not incidentally, check on her because those letters are worrying). During the discussions on how best to transport the stone dwarf (not Ogh, because Waterdeep is too likely to shoot first and ask questions later), Atarah remembers something from her communion with her deity over the last few days that could help. She goes outside and spends ten minutes to summon a celestial spirit to aid her as a mount. It appears as a sabertoothed tiger as large as a warhorse, and Atarah was not expecting that.

Time for the HighHarvestTide Festival.

(Note: Tranled is yet unaccounted for by the end of the scenario but work with the GM/Josiah on what happened in that time)


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