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A Warm Welcome

Scenario 6

Natalia, Tranled, and Atarah spend some time talking to the captured Cultist of Howling Hatred.  They eventually win him over to their side and recruit him as part of the adventuring team.  He introduces himself as Lata, and spends the rest of the day trying to summon back his Giant Vulture.  

As they are approaching Goldenfields, Lata runs in to warn them of a Silver Dragon carrying six Dwarves from the Lord’s Alliance.  The dwarves use Gaseous Form to seep under the closed giant door and nearly get into combat with the party.  Zephyros is paralyzed by the Dragon’s breath while Natalia hastily tries to use her authority with Lord’s Alliance to dissuade them.  Zephyros manages to break the paralysis, block the dragon, and float downstairs to join the standoff.  Atarah and Natalia manage to convince the dwarves that Zephyros poses no real threat and that he is actually helping them solve the ‘giant problem’.  Tensions are replaced by awkwardness as the Dwarves return to Clarion (the Dragon) and leave for Gauntlgrym keep.

Arriving over Goldenfields, Zephyros decides to repay the party’s kindness by providing them with a grand entrance.  They Featherfall down from the sky into the main town square and are immediately surrounded by a large, slightly nervous crowd.  Zephyros introduces them as the “chosen ones of the prophecy” (that he just made up right now) and promises that they’ll restore good relations with the giants.  Captain Strog Thunderblade is immediately disgruntled with the new arrivals and his mood only darkens when he spots Korotir amongst them.  Strog tries to have Korotir thrown out, but Abbott Darovik shuts him down and points out that he still hasn’t updated the defenses after the “recent giant attack”.  Oren, a halfling bard, declares that this is grounds for a party and escorts them back to Miros Xelbrin’s Inn.

Tranled slips away to make contact with the Zhentarim and finds Shalvus Martholo. Shalvus brings him into a private shed near blacksmith’s and offers him a job; turns out there’s a hefty bounty on Atarah and all her family.  Tranled finds out the bounty is from The Left Hand, the same organization that killed his family. Tranled flips out, kills Shalvus with fire, and burns down the shed in the process.  He then stumbles out of the smoke and into the cold air to be greeted by the recently spurned Captain Strog Thunderblade and four guards…


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