Korotir's Writings

Behind the Bulwark – Musings of the Half-Orc Korotir

From the muddy plains of home, the clang of steel, nightmares, dreams, blood, will, I am their sum, they are me, I am made.





I found my mind hungering, for a task of meaning but I do recall how I felt of them when Ifirst we met and how quickly on our adventure I made measure of them, after a few days on the road…

== Scenario 1: 15 Oct 2016 ==

Lady Natalia – The need for humans to treat the dangers of the world as but a jaunt will forever amaze me. I had thought she be as a swaddled duckling, but the Lady has the glory of human gods at her disposal. She has saved my skin already, my orcish calling, has me forget that human blood is a river. She of all will lead us, I have seen Grummsh trying to pull me to the grave and we will need what power’s she wields if we’re to see it through.

Atara – I know little of what this creature is, she seems to have the bravery of the Ulgen flowing through her veins, though she suffers little of our marks of endurance, not even teeth, she is closer in kind to the paintings of angels, in the churches of the storm, she walks with us and faces death as readily as me, she has my shield.

Titan – This creature is warped and ravaged and while I’ve deaf ears to his mutterings, he has proven he is a survivor, endearing and dangerous in a disturbing way. Titan, this short abrasive creatures thinks he’ll fell titans. I am drawn to follow him, he weaves with danger and he’s split enough skulls to borrow my shield for now.

First Blood 

== Scenario 1: 15 Oct 2016 ==

I find myself shunning thoughts of the muddied stirrings that stem from the troubles of the Watch in Waterdeep, accepting this employment with the Noble family gives me pause, there is strength in the rigor of the road, I find renewed purpose in my choice of companions as I recall what happened when we first arrived in Nightstone…

The town we happened upon was a ghostly visage of a battlefield, all broken but no blood. Scavengers played their part as mewling goblins lead us to conflict, they fell fast and there was little bloodiness of our group, the small one, he is fleet and of the find, quick, a rapid wit to align shoulder with.

While the bell constantly harrowed my senses, the Noble and her broad companion noted it provided cover, their intuition was strong and we managed to dispatch most of the scavengers with little resistance, their rabid pets lurking in the distance.

It was not long until the familiar ways of those who walk in this human world revealed itself, by glitter and gold a woman, Kella, who claimed she was of the cloth revealed a sullied palm as she offered I and the tiny Titan gold in exchange for purchase. I was quick to deflect suspicion of the fairer few who travel with us but I make no promises to thieves.

As we collected ourselves we swallowed the truth that the Worg beasts that lurked could not be left to play predator and so we hatched a plan to engage them, it was a sound one, using urban defense tactics, not unlike the watch. We would fortify and engage at ranged. Such a plan was quickly trampled, the noble unable to hit true and the steel sword maiden missing with her mammoth sized blade, I held for as long as I could at the window but I have but flesh to give.

Without the help of the noble my memories would of drowned here in the savage darkness, the blinded by the blood of my throat being torn asunder, I remember the blood and I heard the demands of Grummsh, though we fought hard and with the uncanny deftness of the tiny one and the astounding power the noble wields we made it through. I born anew with respect for Worg and with respect for my companions.

Bend or Break

Scenario 2: 22 Oct 2016

As I stand upon the ramparts and collect myself, I find my grip loosening, so ready was it to plunge spear into flesh, it is the easy way, the base way. These men and women go about their ways, the town is quiet and my companions rest, a moment of respite after a day of conquest bought without brutality, a good day…

The many skills of the small one continued to impress us as he entered a suspicious room, tailored with rune and a script I do not recognize, his daring and greed are coupled, but boons indeed. Then we set about our efforts to of labor to get us across to the keep of Nightstone, I remember the clear skies and cool whipping wind as we planted plank after plank, the ingenuity of the Paladin and her Noble healer having devised a safe way to cross that paid us tenfold in what was to come.

Though quickly I remember the cool of the wind being sapped as the sound of hooves crept upon us. Strange figures, swarming and sly began peddling their wit and wares, after the hand of lies was dealt, it became clear, what Kella had spoken of was quickly coming to pass, opportunists had come to take the keep. I would not dismiss the wolf for wanting meal and so we gave these people no promise but neither did we give problem.

I recall the sorry sight of the dim interior of the keep, blood finally found itself amidst the broken as a friend of the Lady lay wounded, gruesomely anchored to the cobble floor, a great beam driven through her, the Lady tried to keep the life within her but it was beyond even her gods.

The time of choices came upon us, I remember the uncertainty, I cannot blame them for doubting me, they know me as nothing but muscle and Orcish blood, the small one revealed of Kellas temptations, he told of my involvement. The lady had no need to fear betrayal of me, I made no promises, I took what was there but I've no ambition to become consumed by the games these people play for stock and life.

We knew the weak needed defending and these self appointed snakes would only respect force, so we hatched a plan to take what was precious to their leader, , . Kella began to offer me ownership of what they would take, our past made it difficult to deny but she should know I do not desire walls to lord, I hunger for my rightful mantle. It did not come to pass, the small one, wicked with his barbs became imbalance with outrage and I felt the heat of my flesh push me to action, Kella was quick, slippery, a true snake indeed but the turncoat Dexter had wizardry and gave us trust enough to snatch Kella. Our quarry secure, we had what was most precious to their leader indeed.

The Lady gave me had given me her ring and I accepted it, though it was not needed, the imposing will of Atara and the river of the Lady's words were not the tool needed to win this battle. Instead it was old ways that could demand victory, I remember the stirring in my blood.

The stirring in my blood that broiled as I held Kella over the ramparts, demanded obedience and surrender, I respect the snakes gamble, but he lost to the bark of threats.

We took from him all he had, his wealth, his power, his men and put them to the Lady, who could do good with such, it was a savage tact but I felt strong in purpose. If he would not kneel to my words then he would know the bite of spear and be broken, he gambled, he lost, he lives.

Atara honored our word, her virtue steel as we gave him back his lover, as if she were a sack of grain.

Pride will not allow him to swallow such a defeat, I expect no less and forsee we will taste one another's blood before my nights under the moon are spent.


Korotir's Writings

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