Natalia Cuvelier

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Natalia is a Human Cleric (Life) from the Noble house of Cuvelier in Waterdeep. While she may not be the strongest person you’ve ever met, she’s sharp of mind and good at what she does.

What she does, aside from the obvious Cleric related healing, is deal with people. Her assessment of others is rarely wrong, and being raised as a noble has graced her with excellent manipulative and organisational skills. She may not be able to shoot a crossbow straight, and she definitely comes across calculating and at worse rude, but she handles things in her own way and so far that hasn’t failed her.


Many people blame Natalia’s standoffish, somehow awkward and often cold personality on the death of her father when she was young. Being raised alone by her mother Crystal in the midst of all the chaos his death left behind, they assume, must have been difficult.

The truth of the matter is that her father’s death was indeed a milestone in her life, but not for the reasons people think. Natalia doesn’t miss her father, she was never particularly close enough to him to even mourn him. The problem was that Natalia was an only child, and her mother was not particularly adept at handling business or monetary matters.

Natalia was quick enough to realise that her mother was now subject to plenty of suitors who largely wanted to connect themselves to the Cuvelier fortune, with little to no regard for Natalia or Lady Crystal themselves. As soon as she was old enough the suitors began to approach Natalia too.

She learnt, fairly quickly, the art of smiling and laughing while silently wishing people would fall from a very high bridge on the inside. She learnt the subtle clues people give when they’re lying, when they speak in earnest. The art of giving nothing away and the art of making yourself seem much sweeter and virtuous than you are so they underestimate you. She also learnt to be pragmatic about things, to display just enough emotion to please people while inwardly forming a sensible plan to fix the situation. The problem is that, as she grew older, her mistrust of people’s intentions left her keeping people at arm’s length. By the time she decided to trust them they’ve often already made less than positive judgements about her.

In her heart, though, Natalia is a person who dislikes conflict. She prefers to diffuse it where she can, understand a person and appeal to them. Either that, or gently direct it away with just the right amount of play-acting.

She has left Waterdeep very little out of concern for her mother’s welfare, and for what might happen without her there to keep an eye on things. When her mother instructs her to head out to Nightstone she of course obeys, despite inward alarm, but even as she travels and does her best she can’t help but wonder what is going on at home.

Natalia has proficiences in History, Insight, Medicine and Persuasion. She knows Common, Elvish and Dwarvish.

Natalia Cuvelier

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