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Tasks set by the Snail

Tranled writes to the Snail

To the most Reglamentos Snail.

My report on the tasks you have set out for me.

1. Deliver local correspondences in Greater Daggerford area.
All letters were delivered in a timely manner. However, the smithy at Derval’s Bright Blade had some cutting remarks about the official Zhentarim Delivery Service (ZDS) livery. As you well know most Full√§ndning that I have ever supported the Moon Dance Yellow and Bittersweet Blue harlequin inspired jumpsuit replete with bell tassels on the cap that took you painstaking months to research and design. Be that as it may, I just feel that the general public may be too base to understand your momentous vision and I suggest a recall until further sample testing with the public.

2. Reevaluating the Zhentarim Important Customer/Guest Protocol (ZICGP)
After evaluating the Zhentarim Customer Satisfaction Survey and looking into current best practices in dealing with current, returning or future customer happiness management. I have concluded that due to no fault of your own your most Ofoofogia that the current protocol is underachieving compared to our competitors. Please see my marked notes in the relevant chapters and the attached addendums to the report.

3. Sourcing important supplies for the Shining River tavern.
I have found a supplier of indisputable repute for the teaspoons and serviettes. Arthur Price is famed for his silverware and comes highly recommended. He was reluctant at first, however, when I mentioned that he would be supplying the most Vakker Snail he bounded to the opportunity.

4. Copying spells and rituals from reclaimed grimoires in Zhentarim Approved Format (ZAF).
The large backlog of grimoires has been cleared. This was expedited by removing repeated tomes that had seemingly been lost by the same wizard over and over again. Whoever this Radagast is he does not have the most steely of memory as I counted 5 of his grimoires in the collection. All labelled ‘found on the forest path.’ The spells recorded within were mostly polymorphic and illusory magic but useful nonetheless.

Thus concludes my report on the tasks that you had most Xeyirxah had set me.

Faithfully yours

Tranled Agganor
ZEN 201506183
Most Diminutive Sub-representative of Zhentarim Diplomatic Relations: South Sword Coast.


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