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Peace in the Trees

Scenario 16

1 Nightal 1486

The party clears the keep in Noanar’s Hold. Natalia has a small crisis of faith, wondering if Eldath has forsaken her, but finds an Elemental Gem of Water, which she considers a sign of favor. Voldrick finds a vial of Oil of Slipperiness but can’t identify it at first; both he and Nik taste it but are only afflicted with the runs.

There’s some investigation into what would cure Natalia but all Voldrick can think of is a Wishing Ring.

Atarah searches for papers, or writings, or anything that would clue them in on the place, but only finds incredibly detailed and boring hunt records. She tosses it into the pile Korotir is amassing to burn. The Keep is reduced to ashes.

2 Nightal 1486

Back in the Inn, the last Devaross brother returns from his hunt. The other two are dead. Natalia remembers gossip from Waterdeep that their father had recently died. He is grumpy and terse, and stalks up to his room (which Titan meticulously put back after tossing it, so nothing is noticed as wrong). Atarah follows, bangs on the door and without waiting for an answer, says, “Whatever the wights promised you — they’re dead now.”

The door opens slightly. “And what do you know of the Lords of the Hunt.”

“I know they attacked me, and now they’re dead.”

“…I want to be left alone.”

The last brother packs up his gear and leaves. Nik asks him if he’d like to sell or barter anything, but they cannot come to an arrangement. Devaross rides off.

3 Nightal 1486

The party informs Narth that they are leaving, but if the wights return, to send them a message and they will come back to finish them off. Natalia decides to sacrifice her crossbow to Eldath, by breaking it and hanging it on a suitable tree in a sacred grove. Atarah thanks Rivka and unsummons her for now.

4 Nightal 1486

It’s a short day’s flight to Shadowtop Cathedral, which is only found by noticing a difference in the trees. They can’t get under the canopy, which is too thick, so fly a few miles away to a river to come in from under the canopy. Nik and his vulture blunder into the branches and he decides to jump off and run the last of the way. Atarah takes a branch to the face to prove that wearing your helmet is important.

The Cathedral is rows of giant redwood-like trees, in rows like columns. The area just feels peaceful, and makes everyone feel calm and happier. Atarah, Natalia, Voldrick and Envar realize it is consecrated ground, and Envar recognizes it is consecrated to Corellon, the elven god he follows. The party looks to Envar for clues what to do, since it feels like an Elvish place.

There is sad panpipe music; Nik finds the source – a satyr by a freshwater pool. Envar brings out his flute and plays an accompaniment. The Satyr is Greenwhistle; he’s not a healer but tells the party to stick around and Tirlang the Ent and his druid friends stop by the Cathedral every few days. The party settles in to camp. Natalia feels healthier here already, doesn’t get sicker.

5 Nightal 1486

Titan informs the party he’s going to go off to find a his own giant and he’ll catch up with us at Gauntlgrym (where the drow & the fire giants are heading, within or near Mithril Hall). Atarah tells him to catch up with her on the Solstice and she’ll introduce Titan to her Dad.

The party waits for the next three days before Tirlang appears.

8 Nightal 1486

Tirlang arrives mid-afternoon; he is a very large Tree Ent who grumbles at seeing the party. The druid with him, a half-elf female named Thara Shindel, approaches and asks what they need? They explain the problem with Natalia, and Thara attempts a restoration, which fails. She will consult with Tirlang, but he does not like outsiders. Before she does though, she explains the purpose of the Emerald Enclave, who protects the Shadowtop Cathedral. It is useful to know around here…

Thara talks to Tirlang, who comes over, grumbling, and asks to see Natalia. He offers a woody palm and brings her up to his face to see her better. After examining her, he has good news and bad news. Natalia opts for the good news first.

“You can be cured. You must simply go sleep beneath the Grandfather Tree, which is a very large tree some miles east of here. You will have to convince the dryads to let you stay.”

“And the bad news?”

“Ah, you are young. The young must know everything. When you get to be my age you want some blissful ignorance. The bad news… the poison was from a tamed Deathdog, was it. Its masters practiced blood magic. The disease afflicting you is part of a bloodline curse, but you are not the subject. An ancestor of yours is the source of the curse. As long as the source is under the bloodmagic curse, the masters can track the descendants.”

Natalia trades very concerned looks with Atarah. Envar asks how to remove it, and whether the source is hurting like Natalia was.

“No, no, the source is merely the carrier. The greater magics can remove the curse.”

Nik is impertinent, asking the Ent if he has weapons store. Or something. Tirlang puts a bush on him. Thara offers to guide them to the Grandfather tree, and Greenwhistle asks to come too, since he has a dryad crush there he wants them to help him look good with. The party informs him Natalia comes first, and he’d best not interfere. Dryads are allies of the Emerald Enclave – what the Enclave values, so do they.

Korotir asks Tirlang how to ensure dead undead stay dead, talks about the wights. Tirlang says any enemies of the Left Hand are friends of the Enclave; the Left Hand has many necromancers. Korotir wants to hunt them all down, Atarah is fine with playing bait – they’ll come to the party.

They’ll go to the Grandfather Tree in the morning, as the magics and discussion has taken most of the day. Nik talks to the Satyr about weapons store; they talk about being not in a city. Actually what Nik wants is a viol so he can play music too; Greenwhistle helps him make one from the local materials.

9 Nightal 1486

The Grandfather Tree is really easily found as it’s huge. There’s four smaller (relatively) trees beneath it, and people at the base; a group of centaurs and a group of Uthgart barbarians. The party flies to the opposite side of the tree from both of them and lands; the barbarians are quick to approach in a defensive fashion.

The leader is Neeral Orcsbane (Atarah sidles in front of Korotir, just in case) of the Treeghost Tribe and asks what the party is doing here. Envar answers, as they’re speaking Elvish, and the barbarians will escort them to the tree itself, if they promise not to disturb any of the burial mounds. The party agrees.

Four dryads approach and look immediately annoyed at the presence of the Satyr; Atarah drags him a ways off so as not to disrupt negotiations. Again, Envar and Natalia do the talking, as the ones who speak Elvish. Korotir tells Envar to tell the Dryads he wants to join the Enclave, to help Natalia get permission to stay. Envar also offers a potion of healing, as a symbol of their intent. The dryads allow them to stay, points out the Centaurs are there for the same reason (they’ve been hit with a curse of charnel-stink).

Korotir has been regaling Daphne the dryad with stories of fighting undead and fire giants; Natalia notes she seems very into him. Atarah asks the dryad what her side of the story is with Greenwhistle; she thinks the Satyr is just a creepy loser. Atarah nods and goes to explain the concept of consent and creepiness to the Satyr.

Later that evening, the Rod of Vonindod starts vibrating. Envar investigates, finds something in a hole under the tree that doesn’t look like a burial grave. He informs the lead Dryad (Daphne, the one Greenwhistle has a crush on) about the find, and how every time they’ve found a Rod of Vonindod or adamantine artifacts, Fire Giants bent on destruction soon follow. Daphne tells him to please remove it.

They find an adamantine three-quarter circle like a torc but that is big enough to be almost a belt for them. Natalia identifies it as an ancient Hill-Giant Chief’s nosering. The Rod stops vibrating.

They sleep beneath the Grandfather Tree.

10 Nightal 1486

In the morning, Natalia is completely healed. Korotir is welcomed into the Emerald Enclave. Thara thanks the party for the respect they’ve shown these holy places. She gifts the party Silverberries from the Lost Peaks, and says she would be happy to call them friend. She asks if they would accompany her to Jalantar and her friend there… she really wants to fly on a vulture.

The party agrees; it’s more or less on the way to Mithril Hall and Gauntlegrym. They have to hunt and feed the vultures before they can leave, and Nik fails to make friends with his vulture again. It’s a two-day flight to Jalantar.

12 Nightal 1486

In Jalantar, Thara introduces them to her friend Quinn, and tells him all about flying vulture-back. He’s happy they came with her and offers the party tea, tells them about his former adventuring days. He’s missing his left ear to Uthgardt barbarians, tells them about his encounters with Old Gnawbones, too, the Ancient Green Dragon the party has heard of before.

In thanks for escorting Tharra, Quinn gives them some of his old adventuring gear – Winged Boots, a Gem of Fire Elemental, and several healing potions.

While in Jalantar, Atarah looks for bounty posters. She finds several, one of which is for her and her family, the other for the entire Party, with recent information. The bounty drop is still Noanar’s Hold. There’s another for a Worvil “The Weevil” Forkbeard for 5,000gp, wanted for stealing a magic item by the Frost Giant Jarl Storvald. Atarah takes the two relevant posters and stuffs them into her pack.

They restock and head towards Mithril Hall and Gauntlegrym. It’s two hundred and twenty miles or so; a four to five day flight…


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